Are you looking for a gift idea for family members and friends that will last beyond #Christmas2023 and encourage them to learn? Then you have come to the right place!

This year there are lots of tech gadgets around. Here we have curated a list of top Christmas gifts to help you!

  • First up we have a twist on the traditional puzzle with virtual Christmas puzzles
  • Smart home hubs such as Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo or Google Nest from which you can control lights, play music, get weather updates, ask questions and much more! Smart Home hubs, will help you all year long! Think of them as your personal assistant.
  • For younger tech enthusiasts in the family our third book, that is hot off the press is titled Smart Home, which provides a perfect backdrop to also talk about tech within your home
  • Step into the new year with a new smartwatch or fitness tracker , these help you to monitor your daily physical activity and also provide lots of other health aspects, such as sleep statistics, energy burn, heart rate, nutrition, water intake and much more! Giving an overall approach to health and well-being!
  • A robot vacuum cleaner is a great addition to the home for all the family! It frees you to do other things at home such as reading, making and talking. In our third book Smart Home, Ava and  Chip learn about a robot vacuum cleaner
  • Drones are in our lives more and are also being used in display shows. They are also being used by the military, logistics companies and in other areas! Drones have many purposes, and are not just for fun. Equipping your child with the skills and understanding of how drones work from an early age, will help them to consider industry sectors in which they can apply and use their drone knowledge, later in life!
  • Do you wish to settle into a great movie at Christmas? How about these a tech theme! We spotted them over on the Institute of education and tech we love the way the movies are clearly explained.
  • Ebook readers are also great gift choices and allow the reader to access massive library of books at their fingertips. In addition to our own books here are some other top recommendations of e-books that children may enjoy:
  • Peter o Meter – featuring robots and augmented reality
  • 24 Days of Scratch Coding – helping your child to create a festive scene through Scratch Coding

More inspiration

Are you in need of further inspiration around tech and gadgets? Read on!

  • So much of our world is captured on our phones, iPads and other devices. How about displaying our photos to remind us of all of our great memories! These can be captured in digital photo frames which rotate our memories in a carousel style display. Thus giving an interactive experience and a new take on a traditional photo album.
  • How about trying some noise cancelling headphones to allow you to focus on tasks and to have an immersive listening experience.
  • For all around family safety consider having a video doorbell installed search as a ring doorbell. This allows you to monitor your doorstep to get alerts and to communicate with anyone at your door, through an app. This has benefits in giving additional safety to your property and to yourself
  • For those of you wishing to get a bit more hands on, why not try a robot making kit or any other making kit with a stem focus or a stem theme?
  • Another idea is to give the gift of learning yearlong and to consider giving online learning subscriptions to family members
  • Our final top pick is to try #Augmented Reality Wrapping for that very extra special touch this #Christmas time – enabling you to bring the characters on the wrapping paper to life!


We hope you enjoyed our pics and ideas around celebrating the holidays with thoughtful gifts that match the interests of friends and family and also to help spark knew interests!

Let us know what else you would add!