Meet the characters

Join Ava and Chip as they improve their technology literacy.  Ava and Chip are siblings.  Ava is eight years old and her brother Chip is seven years old.  They are both curious about the world around them and want to know more about technology. Mum is very aware of tech and takes a great interest in tech.  As a family they enjoy going out, exploring and learning new things.

As this is a series of Technology Books for children, the names of the characters are inspired by names already used in the tech world.  The author’s inspiration for Ava came from her own daughters and also the name of the robot in the 2014 film – Ex-Machina which features an intelligent humanoid female robot.  The thinking behind Chip was inspired by one of the authors’ nephews and a chip is also the “brains of a device” – such as the Central Processing Unit (CPU) .  The chip in a device is what makes the device smart. Mum’s character is a reflection of the author.

By combining the personalities of real life people with that of fact from the world of tech, life was breathed into the characters. 

Technology books for children - The Digital Adventures of Ava and Chip - improving technology literacy

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