Integrating tech into Dressing up activities for children on World Book.

World Book Day is a celebration of literature, imagination, and storytelling, where children across the globe dress up in their favourite book characters’ costumes. The tradition of dressing up fosters creativity and encourages a love for reading.

The first World Book Day in the UK and Ireland took place in 1997 to encourage young people to discover the pleasure of reading.  Let’s explore how reading for pleasure on tech topics can then also translate into dressing up for World Book Day, enriching children’s literary experiences and igniting their imaginations. Leading to new avenues for exploration and engagement.

In this article, we’ll explore how technology can be seamlessly incorporated into World Book Day dressing-up activities and linked to our book series – The Digital Adventures of Ava and Chip.  Authored by TechWomen100 Award winner Beverly Clarke.

Bring Smart Cities to Life

The first book in the series is titled Smart City, so how would this work on World Book Day? Children can dress up as Ava or Chip and also talk about the role they play in our current and developing smart cities.  Perhaps talk about the jobs they will be doing in the future.  Some children may have access to wearable technology, which can also be integrated into their costumes, such as LED lights or interactive accessories that simulate futuristic gadgets found in Smart Cities.

Many of our cities are using autonomous vehicles, such as self-driving buses and cars.  In our second book, Ava and Chip travelled in a Self-Driving Car, and learnt about this tech. On World Book Day, children can dress up as inventors, engineers or sentient Artificial Intelligence (AI) being responsible for developing and operating autonomous vehicles.

A school or home activity can involve children designing and creating their own miniature self-driving cars using simple robotics kits or coding platforms. This hands-on activity allows them to experience first-hand the principles behind autonomous vehicle technology.

Another idea for celebrating books and tech, can be linked to the concept of a Smart Home, which is also the title of our third book! Children can dress as Ava or Chip or Create their own character, who lives in a tech environment.  They should be encouraged to discuss how they interact with intelligent appliances and devices

More creativity for World Book Day

Also, encourage children to design and decorate miniature smart homes using cardboard, craft materials, and small electronic components. They can incorporate features like voice-activated assistants, automated lighting systems, and smart security devices. We would love to see your photos. Please share them on social media @AvaChipBooks

Other ideas for World Book Day and tech, are encouraging children to dress as Ava or Chip and to explore #AI concepts such as voice-activated assistants or chatbots to create dynamic narratives where they interact with AI entities and navigate ethical dilemmas.

Reasons to integrate tech and dressing up

Integrating technology into dressing up activities not only enhances the imaginative experience but also encourages children to think critically about the role of technology in society. By linking their costumes to themes like Smart Cities, Self-Driving Cars, Smart Homes, and Artificial Intelligence, children gain a deeper understanding of how technology shapes the world around them and how they can actively participate in shaping its future.

Additionally, incorporating hands-on activities like designing miniature self-driving cars or smart homes allows children to explore STEM concepts in a fun and interactive way. These experiences not only foster their creativity and problem-solving skills but also inspire them to pursue careers in within STEM fields related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

World Book Day 2024 is a great way to embrace the fusion of imagination and technology, empowering children to become creators, innovators, and storytellers in a rapidly evolving digital world.

What else would  you add? We would love to hear your experiences of Tech and Books?

Happy World Book Day 2024

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