Easter in the Digital Age – how do we embrace tech?

Easter holidays are a time for families to come together.  Many of us can remember the Easter bunny visit, making Easter bonnets and hunting for Easter eggs.  Now that the digital age is upon us, how about incorporating tech into Easter Activities!

Easter in the Digital Age - embracing tech article

In this article you will find a few top ideas!

Easter Egg Hunt with QR Codes: Hide plastic eggs containing QR codes around the designated area. Children can use smartphones or tablets with QR code reader apps to scan the codes and receive clues or instructions for finding the next egg.

Interactive Easter Storytelling: Use augmented reality (AR) apps to bring Easter stories to life. Children can scan images in a book or on posters to see animated characters and scenes, enhancing their storytelling experience.

Easter-themed Coding Challenges: Introduce children to basic coding concepts through Easter-themed coding challenges. For example, they can use block-based coding platforms like Scratch or Tynker to program a virtual Easter egg hunt or create animations of Easter bunnies and chicks.

DIY Easter Bunny: Encourage children to get creative by designing and building their own Easter-themed bunnies using craft materials and simple electronic components like motors, LEDs, and sensors. They can then program their bunnies to perform Easter-related tasks or challenges.

Easter Egg Decorating App: Provide children with tablets loaded with digital drawing or painting apps to decorate virtual Easter eggs. They can experiment with different colours, patterns, and designs, and even share their creations with friends or family members digitally.

Easter-themed Stop Motion Animation: Teach children the basics of stop motion animation using smartphones or tablets. They can create their own Easter-themed animations using toys, clay figures, or paper cutouts, and then edit them using stop motion apps.

Easter Egg Geocaching: Combine Easter egg hunting with geocaching, a real-world treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Hide Easter eggs containing small prizes or treats in outdoor locations and provide children with GPS devices or smartphone apps to navigate to the hidden treasures.

Let us Pause!

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Virtual Easter Parade: Organize a virtual Easter parade where children can showcase their homemade Easter bonnets or costumes via video conferencing platforms. They can use digital design tools to create virtual backgrounds or props related to technology and Easter.

Easter-themed STEM Challenges: Design Easter-themed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) challenges for children to solve collaboratively. For example, they can build structures to support Easter eggs using toothpicks and marshmallows, or design and launch egg-stronauts (eggs equipped with parachutes) using simple materials.

We hope you have enjoyed these ideas, offering engaging ways to integrate technology into Easter celebrations while promoting creativity, problem-solving skills, and digital literacy among children.

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