In today’s digital age, children are surrounded by technology from an early age. As parents, we often strive to strike a balance between screen time and other activities that foster creativity and critical thinking. That’s where “The Digital Adventures of Ava and Chip” book series comes in—a captivating blend of storytelling and technology education that will ignite your child’s imagination and curiosity, helping them to be better informed digital citizens.

Tech Literacy Made Fun

Gone are the days of dry textbooks and tedious lectures. Welcome to reading for pleasure on Tech topics.  “The Digital Adventures of Ava and Chip” introduces complex tech concepts through exciting adventures and relatable characters. Current titles, look at Smart Cities, Self-Driving Cars and Smart Homes. Each book in the series offers a unique journey into the world of technology, making learning both enjoyable and accessible.

Inspiring Future Innovators

In a world driven by technology, it’s essential for children to develop a solid foundation in tech literacy. By immersing themselves in the digital escapades of Ava and Chip, young readers are not only entertained but also inspired to explore the endless possibilities of technology. Tech is not just for techies, tech is for everyone!

Quality Family Time

Reading together as a family is not only a bonding experience but also an opportunity to have meaningful conversations and ignite curiosity. With “The Digital Adventures of Ava and Chip,” parents and children can read the adventures together and explore the wonders of technology while creating lasting memories.

Exploring Tech Beyond the Pages – The Blank App and AI-Generated Art

But the journey doesn’t end with the turn of the last page. After diving into The Digital Adventures of Ava and Chip, families can take their exploration of technology to the next level with The Blank App and explore AI-generated art.

Smart Home meets the Blank App article, linking books with AI generated Digital Art through the Blank App


Hands-On Learning and Creativity

The Blank App provides a hands-on platform for families to experiment with AI generated Art. By engaging with the daily prompt, children and their families can create AI generated images. The app helps to develop vocabulary and tech literacy.

With its user-friendly interface, the Blank App helps to develop creativity and bring images to life. In the profile section, all of the “blanks” created are then available and can be shared. App users can also interact with each other and like the works of others.

Why Create AI-Generated Art?

Artificial Intelligence generated art introduces children to the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and machine learning. By experimenting with AI-powered tools, children gain insight into how technology can augment and enhance their creative endeavours. It’s a hands-on way to explore emerging technologies and stay ahead of the curve.

Creating AI-generated art with children provides an opportunity for collaborative learning and experimentation. It’s a collaborative journey of discovery that fosters communication, teamwork, and shared excitement.

What next?

The Digital Adventures of Ava and Chip” book series, “The Blank App”, and AI-generated art offer a holistic approach to tech literacy and creative exploration. By combining books and hands-on experiences, families can enjoy a journey of discovery that inspires curiosity, ignites imagination, and fosters a lifelong love of learning in the digital age.

We have also summarised this into the table below:

Why you should…

Read The Digital Adventures of Ava and Chip

Explore the Blank App and Create AI generated Art

Foster curiosity

Explore NEW frontiers

Build Tech Literacy

Explore Artificial Intelligence in a safe environment

Inspire Creativity

Learn through exploration

Develop critical thinking

Inspire creativity

Prepare for NOW and the FUTURE

Develop vocabulary/digital literacy

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

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