Discover the Cool Tech Behind Euro 2024!

Are you excited about Euro 2024? We sure are! While we all love watching our favourite teams score goals, there’s also some amazing technology helping make the game even more exciting and fair. Let’s take a look at some of the cool tech in use during Euro 2024!

  1. Video Assisted Referee (VAR)

Have you ever seen the referee stop the game to watch a video replay? That’s VAR in action! VAR helps referees make the right call by reviewing video footage of important moments, like goals or fouls. Imagine if you could rewind real life and check if your sibling really did eat the last cookie!

Question to ponder: If you were a referee, how would you use VAR to make the best decisions?

  1. Goal Line Technology

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if the ball has completely crossed the goal line. That’s where Goal Line Technology comes in! Special cameras watch the goal line and instantly tell the referee if the ball has crossed it, ensuring no goal goes unnoticed. It’s like having a superpower to always know when the ball is in or out!

Question to ponder: How do you think the cameras can see the ball so clearly, even when it’s moving fast?

  1. Cameras

There are cameras everywhere in the stadium! They help capture every moment of the match from different angles. Some cameras even move around on wires above the field, giving us cool aerial views. Watching the match on TV feels like you’re right there in the action!

Question to ponder: If you could control a camera during a match, where would you point it and why?

  1. Referees’ Headset

Did you notice the referee wearing a little earpiece? That’s their headset, which keeps them in constant contact with their assistant referees and the VAR team. It’s like having a walkie-talkie with super clear sound!

Question to ponder: What would you say to the referee if you could talk to them during the game?

  1. Display Hoardings

Have you seen the bright screens around the edge of the field showing ads and messages? These are called display hoardings. They can change their messages quickly and even show cool animations. They make the stadium look super futuristic!

Question to ponder: If you could put any message or animation on the display hoardings, what would it be?

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So next time you watch a Euro 2024 match, impress your family with your knowledge about the amazing tech behind the scenes. Who knows? Maybe one day, you’ll be the one inventing the next big thing in sports technology!

Happy watching and learning! 

Share your thoughts: What’s your favourite piece of technology from Euro 2024 and why?

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